Ep. 7: Scandalous – Mozart and Le nozze di Figaro

One of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s greatest operatic achievements, Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro) may not have been possible without the approval of Emperor Joseph II of Austria. The play it was based on by Pierre Beaumarchais was banned from theaters all around the world for its radical political statements and the poor outlook on aristocracy. Fortunately for audiences today, Mozart and his librettist, Lorenzo Da Ponte, managed to cut enough scandalous material to set and stage an opera.

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Music for today’s episode is all music by Mozart:
Eine kleine Nachtmusik (Serenade No. 13 for Strings in G major), K. 525
March from Le nozze di Figaro, K. 492
String Quartet No. 19 in C major, K. 465 (“Dissonance”), Mvt. I: Adagio – Allegro
Minuet from Don Giovanni, K. 527
Divertimento in F major, K. 138, Mvt. II: Andante

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