Ep. 13: In the Beginning… – Haydn and The Creation

Crowds filled the streets around the old Schwarzenberg Palace, desperate to hear Franz Joseph Haydn’s new oratorio, The Creation. The premiere was a private performance, and those allowed inside must have an invitation or they would be turned away. Inside, the audience would become so enthralled by Haydn’s music, that they could have sworn they saw light shoot out of the composers eyes and they would go about their daily lives for days thinking only about the performance with stars in their eyes.

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Music in this episode:
String Quartet No. 62 in C Major, Op. 76, No. 3 (“Kaiser”), Mvts. I: Allegro and III: Menuetto by Franz Joseph Haydn
String Quartet No. 52 in E♭ major, Op. 64, No. 6, FHE No. 36, Hoboken No. III:64, Mvt. II: Andante by Franz Joseph Haydn

Sources for this episode:
Haydn: The Creation by Nichlas Temperley: https://www.amazon.com/Haydn-Creation-Cambridge-Music-Handbooks/dp/0521378656