Ep. 36: The Figure and the Frame – Mussorgsky and Pictures at an Exhibition with Notes & Strokes

The day architect and artist Viktor Hartmann died was a sad one. It was especially hard for composer Modest Mussorgsky, who’s opera Boris Godunov was one of Hartmann’s favorite works. After an exhibition of Hartmann’s art, Mussorgsky was moved to write a piano suite based on his experience there, Pictures at an Exhibition. This episode features Izaac and KC from the podcast Notes & Strokes. Together, we explore this piano masterpiece and the art that one may have seen at the exhibition.

Pictures at an Exhibition was recorded by Chiara Bertoglio.

The art:
Costume sketch of canary chicks for the ballet Trilby: Hartmann_Chicks_sketch_for_Trilby_ballet.jpg (691×831) (wikimedia.org)
The Rich Jew: The_Rich_Jew.jpg (400×500) (wikimedia.org)
The Poor Jew: The_Poor_Jew.jpg (250×340) (wikimedia.org)
Paris Catacombs: Hartmann_Paris_Catacombs.jpg (828×620) (wikimedia.org)
The hut of Baba-Yaga on hen’s legs. Clock in the Russian style: Izbushka2.jpg (1866×2556) (wikimedia.org)
Plan for the City Gate of Kiev: Hartmann_–_Plan_for_a_City_Gate.jpg (641×868) (wikimedia.org)

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