Ep. 37: A Sad Shrovetide – Stravinsky and Petrushka

Petrushka, Igor Stavinksy’s second ballet, is a tragic tale of a living puppet who is treated like a mere toy and brought to the point of madness. Ironically, such a sad tale brought Stravinsky a great deal of success, especially after the triumph that was his previous ballet The Firebird. However, there’s more you do not know, hidden behind the curtain.

Theme music is by Daryl Banner: https://darylbanner.bandcamp.com/

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Music used in this episode:
The Forest Grand by Trevor Kowalski
Sub Twin by Jay Varton
Siljan by Rannar Sillard
Perhaps It’s Meant to Be by Trevor Kowalski
Looking for Cheese by Jerry Lacey
Elm Lake by Elm Lake
Concerto for Trumpet and Flute (Melody Stem) by Cercles Nouvelles
Cinema Neon by Trevor Kowalski

Sources used for this episode:
Charles M. Joseph, Stravinsky’s Ballets (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2011).
Igor Stravinsky, Petrushka (Berlin: Editions Russes de Musique, 1912).