Ep. 58: Jamal Green

Video game and media composer Jamal Green set out on a journey that he thought would lead him in a very specific direction, but where he ended up, he would have it no other way. Jamal has seen considerable success writing for video games and film, writing the scores to games such as Equilinox, Sizable, Konami’s Skelattack, and most recently TOEM by Something We Made. Since 2019, he has scored two films, first the feature film Aberdeen by Cloudstar Pictures, which can be streamed on Amazon Prime, and second the indie film The Game Between Us.

Featured pieces:
From Toem: “Photo of Home”, “Life Through a Lens”, and “Everybody That You Meet”

Theme music is by Daryl Banner

Where to find Jamal and more of his music:
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | IMDb
Bandcamp | Spotify | Apple Music | SoundCloud

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