Ep. 71: Something wicked this way comes…: Verdi and Macbeth

The plays of William Shakespeare have been an inspiration to countless other pieces of art, and that includes composers and music makers. Giuseppe Verdi, one of Italy’s leading composers in the 19th Century, was thrilled at the idea of getting to set an opera to one of Shakespeare’s plays, something he would return to for the rest of his career; it all started with Shakespeare’s terrifying tale Macbeth.

Theme music is by Daryl Banner

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Music used in this episode:
“Una macchia è qui tuttora” from Macbeth by Giuseppe Verdi
Lucky Guess by Trevor Kowalski
Corrivation by Ethan Sloan
Offcut by Ethan Sloan
Inception by Megan Wofford
Junior Momentum by Rand Aldo
The Batoidea by Martin Landh

Sources used for this episode:
Julian Budden, Verdi (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008).