Ep. 80: Dakota Sauvé/Koda Suave

There are two sides of a coin. Dakota Sauvé has spent so much of his musical career helping develop video games, but there’s a different side to his career that prefers to explore the world of experimental pop.

Featured pieces:
“Mecha Mt. Fuji” from Celestial Blossoms (releasing soon)
“Dream Boom” from untitled 3D platformer game
“Phasmius” from Venture of Dark
“Moon of Etheria” from untitled VGM EP
“The Spirit” from Venture of Light

Where to find Dakota Sauvé/Koda Suave and his music:
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
BandCamp | SoundCloud
Spotify: Dakota Sauvé | Koda Suave
Apple Music: Dakota Sauvé | Koda Suave

Theme music is by Daryl Banner.
Alexandrian Media podcast music by Andrew Gavin. Voiced by Michael Bolton.

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