Ep. 71: Something wicked this way comes…: Verdi and Macbeth

The plays of William Shakespeare have been an inspiration to countless other pieces of art, and that includes composers and music makers. Giuseppe Verdi, one of Italy’s leading composers in the 19th Century, was thrilled at the idea of getting to set an opera to one of Shakespeare’s plays, something he would return to for […]

Ep. 70: Movie Night (Reel 5): Trick ‘r Treat (w/ Cameron Chaney)

Let’s kick off this spooky season with a Movie Night! Today, I am happily joined by author and booktuber Cameron Chaney. The film Trick ‘r Treat is one of his favorite movies, enough for him to start a tradition of watching it every year with other activities; however, the music of this film is even more special. Besides setting the mood brilliantly, the music holds special significance to Cameron.

TCC RADIO 1 (Episode 1)

I didn’t have anything planned for this week due to moving, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me again. So, I decided to do a bit of a different episode featuring recently composed music by past guests! That in turn started what will now be called TCC RADIO 1! In the event I am unable to create a full episode, I will make one of these episodes or an episode of TCC RADIO 2 featuring music of historical episodes I’ve done in the past! I hope you enjoy this week’s episode!