Living composers sharing their own stories.

Once a month, you will get a chance to hear from living composers about their lives and works. Episodes come out the third week of each month, and each episode ends with a full piece of music by the composer.

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Ep. 39: Barnaby Martin

Sometimes one road leads us down another that we never expected to find ourselves wandering on. British composer Barnaby Martin has been active in the music world since a young age, but it wasn’t until later in life that his career as a composer led him to becoming a prominent video essayist on his YouTube channel Listening In.

Ep. 34: J. M. Gerraughty

American composer J. M. Gerraughty imparts to listeners that the path to becoming a composer is sometimes the road less traveled. He shares the struggles of trying to maintain balance between working a full time job, raising a family, and keeping up with promoting his work on social media, but composition is always there as a creative outlet for him. Sometimes the passion is all the reason to keep doing what we love.

Ep. 28: Dani Howard

British composer and orchestrator Dani Howard shares her brilliant story of becoming a composer whilst describing what it’s like to be a composer of New Music who is trying to reshape the genre and make it more accessible to audiences all around the world. Featured Piece: CoalescenceProvided to the podcast by the composer. Recorded by […]

Ep. 24: Michael Seltenreich

New York-based Israeli composer Michael Seltenreich tells his fascinating story while we discuss his music, compositional processes, and what it’s like to be a composer of new music.

Ep. 20: Ben Morales Frost

London-based film, television, and theater composer Ben Morales Frost reveals what its like to work as a composer for both film and theater and acknowledges the hardships that all creative professions faced during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Ep. 19: Daryl Banner

Daryl Banner, a self-trained composer with a unique repertoire, unravels his unique career as a composer while maintaining his status of being one of the best M/M Romance writers of our time.

Ep. 15: Andrew Gavin

In this first installment of “Composers of Our Modern World”, I talk to Andrew Gavin about his journey to becoming a composer, his composition process, and the struggles of getting works of New Music performed.