The scores in your favorite movies.

Stephen Trygar invites guests onto The Composer Chronicles every few months to talk about film music. Guests featured are composers, professionals, and general enthusiasts brought on to advance our knowledge…or just to geek out for a while! Episodes in the “Movie Night” series come out in April, August, and December.

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Matthew Trygar

Episode 11

Matthew Trygar is an actor and a film maker. He is the co-creator of the new comedy YouTube channel Half Woodie, and has appeared on Season 2, Episode 5 (The Son of the Prophet) of Evil Lives Here as Teenage Dennis Ryan and as Matt in the 2018 film Grandma Werewolf.

Andrew Gavin

Episode 26

Andrew is a composer for concert and media. He is the composer of the theme music for the podcast Unscripted. He studied composition with Bruce Yurko at Rowan University as well as voice with Lauren Athey-Janka and Brian Ming Chu and double bass with Doublas Mapp.