Culture lessons from the amatures.

Stephen Trygar and Brian Edwards both think they’re pretty cultured, but in ways the other isn’t. Every week, either host will bring something to the table they find interesting, and share their discoveries with each other.

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36 – Wishing Wells Cultured, But… Not Really

Many of us in the US grew up on the belief that if we threw a coin in a fountain or a well that a wish would be granted. Where did that tale come from? — Send in a voice message:
  1. 36 – Wishing Wells
  2. 35 – The History of Games
  3. 34 – William Shakespeare
  4. 33 – Art Deco
  5. 32 – The Chronicles of Narnia

Stephen Trygar

Creator | Host | Editor

Stephen Trygar began his podcast in April, 2020 after almost a year of running his own blog. He realized that his mission was better fulfilled via a podcast, and thus was the birth of The Composer Chronicles! With an M.M. in Music History from Temple University, Stephen felt his historical knowledge better used to revitalize classical music and make it more accessible and approachable by proving that it’s not all black-tie affairs and high-society living.

Brian Edwards

Creator | Host | Editor

Brian Edwards is a video editor and motion graphics designer with a passion for film and video game scores. Brian is the designer of Alexandrian Media’s logo and is the resident cover designer for the hardcover copies of Tales of Love, Loss, Magic, and Reality: Setting the Stage for Opera and Ballet.

Daryl Banner

Theme Music Composer

Daryl Banner is a full-time author and composer who graduated magna cum laude from the University of Houston Honors College with a degree in Theatre and Psychology. During his time in college, he wrote, composed, and produced a musical under Tony Award-winning musical and Theatre producer Stuart Ostrow, as well as two original plays produced under the mentorship of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Lanford Wilson. He toured briefly with an original musical Country Gravy & Other Obsessions to which he also contributed songs and performed. He composes companion soundtracks for the book series he writes, and also has written the music for video games and short films. He composed the score to several audio dramas by New York City-based visionary Jordan Cobb, including “Here Be Dragons” and “Primordial Deep”, as well as the award-winning “Janus Descending”, for which his score and main theme won an Audioverse award.