Behind the scenes of The Composer Chronicles.

Stephen Trygar takes you behind the scenes of making his podcast The Composer Chronicles. This Patreon podcast contains everything you don’t get to hear on The Composer Chronicles, including bonus conversations with special guests and Alexandrian Media artists, deleted scenes, and the answers to how the music and guests are chosen each month and facts left out of the scripts.

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Stephen Trygar

Creator | Host

Stephen Trygar began his podcast in April, 2020 after almost a year of running his own blog. He realized that his mission was better fulfilled via a podcast, and thus was the birth of The Composer Chronicles! With an M.M. in Music History from Temple University, Stephen felt his historical knowledge better used to revitalize classical music and make it more accessible and approachable by proving that it’s not all black-tie affairs and high-society living.

Stephen Trygar

Theme Music Composer

A graduate of Rowan University, Andrew holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Voice. While at Rowan, Andrew studied various aspects of music from composition with Bruce Yurko and Roberto Pace, Voice with Lauren Athey-Janka and Brian Ming Chu, and double bass with Douglas Mapp. Andrew’s music combines the best in modern composition styles. His lush melodies are constantly being reworked and twisted during his compositions. He never fails to surprise and delight the listener. Andrew’s compositions capture varying aspects of the mind and he can create vivid and stunning images through his compositions. Andrew has written for a variety of ensembles in the classical world, as well as unconventional ensembles and groups.

Backstage with J. M. Gerraughty

J. M. Gerraughty quickly became one of The Composer Chronicles’ closest friends after his episode (Ep. 34) aired in January 2021. After sharing his joy for being on the podcast with the Twitter-verse, he sparked some excitement within the composer community, giving The Composer Chronicles an opportunity to flourish into the platform that it is now. On this episode of the “Backstage” series of Unscripted, we catch up with him and talk about… whatever we want!

7. Let’s Time Warp Again (May 2021)

We were all over the place in May, from the ancient world, to jazz, to film music, and many other things. This is a shorter episode than regular Unscripted episodes, but don’t worry! June has an episode of Unscripted: Backstage!

Backstage with Andrew Gavin

Andrew Gavin was The Composer Chronicles’ first composer feature back in August, 2020. Since his first appearance, he has been back for an episode of “Movie Night”, has composed the theme music to Unscripted, and has also compose the music of the Alexandria Media pre and post episode tags. On this first episode in the “Backstage” series of Unscripted, Andrew is back again! On this series, past guests of The Composer Chronicles come back to talk about whatever they want with no formal questions asked. 

1. Mysteries, Musings, and Masquerades (November 2020)

Unscripted is back and stronger than ever! With new music by Andrew Gavin, new cover art by host Stephen Trygar, and a new structure to the show, you’re invited behind the scenes of the making of The Composer Chronicles in a podcast that is, unlike The Composer Chronicles, unscripted.